Lady Byrdie: Returning to Greenwich

Produced by Elizabeth Quinn Brown
Photographed by Julie Skarratt

Byrdie Bell returns to the East Coast for her role in Bravo TV’s Odd Mom Out, which premieres on June 8. The actress revisits her roots in Greenwich—a blonder Byrdie, bubbling with excitement about what she has on her horizon. Here, she wanders an estate on Alpine Road, where she flourishes in the gardens.

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Byrdie Bell may migrate from coast to coast, but her anchor is the town of Greenwich, where she nests with her mother, Evelyn Byrd Lorentzen, on Round Hill Road. Byrdie attended the Greenwich Country Day School and, chatting with Quest, remembers the bliss she experienced at the Field Club of Greenwich or at Indian Harbor Yacht Club—where her grandfather, Øivind Lorentzen, Jr., served as commodore.

Byrdie, as a teen, was doe-eyed but determined, so she emerged on the scene in New York—a fresh presence in a swirl of socialites—before a chapter as an actress and model in Los Angeles. But Byrdie is back and, this month, is reintroduced to the East Coast with the premiere of Odd Mom Out, a series by Jill Kargman about the women of the Upper East Side. (Quest expects a cameo for this magazine in the hands of Saturday Night Live’s Abby Elliott, who stars on the show.)

Odd Mom Out is consonant with the programming at Bravo TV (which, of course, stables the Real Housewives) but promises to be scripted and, well, smarter. Byrdie relishes her role, describing Simone Locker as “a wealthy, Upper East Side mom, married to a man who happens to be deaf: she’s aspirational, maybe a little bored, overmedicated, competitive, and pretty icy.”

When Quest invited Byrdie to an estate on Alpine Road, we were confident that she had the talent—and the pedigree—to portray the personalities of Greenwich. She explained, “As soon as all of that hair and makeup happens, you can’t help it. In my personal life, I don’t even dry my hair.” From scene to scene, she emanates an authenticity, whether the gamine of a GCDS girl or the smirk of a Stepford wife.

We insisted to Byrdie that she must have had a muse, on set with Quest as well as for Odd Mom Out. Her reply? “Yes, but I can’t tell you.” —Elizabeth Quinn Brown

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