Last Night in New York

On Monday, February 14th, New York Social Diary will be screening Last Night in New York, a documentary directed by Matthew Miele that chronicles the life of David Patrick Columbia and his unique perspective on the social, historical, and cultural domain of New York City that he has been reporting on for decades.

The film will run from through February 22nd, featuring a new chapter each day (there are 8 total).

Naturally, the film touches upon the subject of “Society” and where it’s heading, but the real meat of the story lies in David’s upbringing and family background. His father was a chauffeur for “Black Jack” Bouvier, Jackie Kennedy’s wild and womanizing paterfamilias. And it was at his parents’ dinner table where conversations about the goings-on in the back seat of chauffeured limousines created rare moments of peace in an otherwise volatile household, sparking David’s escapist interest in society.

David’s own family history is filled with drama, heart-breaking tragedy and great poignancy, making his a uniquely American story about social mobility, self-reliance and self re-invention—in short, of achieving one’s dreams by dint of will, perseverance, and personality.

There are also a cast of characters interviewed in the film, including Liz Smith, Charlotte and Anne Ford, Patrick McMullan, Beth DeWoody, Jill Kargman, Hilary Geary Ross, Geoffrey Bradfield, Gayfryd Steinberg, Bruce Addison, Carolyne Roehm, Muffie Potter Aston, Susan Fales-Hill, and more.

To view the film, visit starting Monday.