Lawrence Beach

Despite early concerns, Nassau County’s beaches reopened in time for Memorial Day, and by the following weekend the historic Lawrence Beach (founded in 1886 but, due to coastal reconfiguration, relocated across Reynolds Channel to Atlantic Beach in 1920), was back in operation, though with masks aplenty and social distancing the rule. Steve, the ever congenial and expert Irish head barman, had moved his wares from the still closed upper deck to the dance floor, and the hot dogs and burgers Karen at the soda fountain was turning out remained, as always, the very taste of early summer. Whether and when the cafeteria, fine dining, dancing under the stars to Bob Hardwick and his band, and the LBC’s iconic Fourth of July fireworks and parade led by Uncle Sam around the still shuttered pool can resume remains to be seen, but Hope springs eternal, and after the encouraging early season, the words of the Club’s historian in 1960 have never rung truer:

“So whatever the tides decree,

The Lawrence Beach still stands

A haven by the sea

In spite of shifting sands.”