Tour Brooklyn with Sommelier André Hueston Mack and National Car Rental


Sommelier André Hueston Mack, Sash Photography

Next time you’re traveling for business, why not visit a local best-kept secret instead of the hotel bar? In National Car Rental’s new “Local Legends” series, area tastemakers act as tour guides to reveal their neighborhood’s hidden gems—from a beloved wine shop to a quaint historic district or an award-winning restaurant. The series was created to give road warriors insider tidbits guaranteed to impress both colleagues and clients. 

“We believe this content will give travelers added control over their business trips,” notes Meghan Baker, senior content and publicity manager with National Car Rental. “The episodes provide valuable local knowledge they can share with colleagues or simply use to explore destinations in a new way.”

One of the first stops on National’s nationwide tour? The Big Apple, of course, where sommelier/author/wine-maker André Hueston Mack encourages viewers to get out of midtown and into what he calls the “true heartbeat of New York City”—Brooklyn. Despite a successful career at Citi, Hueston Mack followed his passion for wine to become the first African American to win the Best Young Sommelier in America Award. “Each Local Legend was chosen because he or she exemplifies the local vibe in their respective cities,” Baker notes. “We also looked for Legends who represented a variety of industries and backgrounds.”

Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, Albert Vecerka

In New York’s installment, the charismatic entrepreneur behind Mouton Noir wines brings viewers to his favorite Brooklyn outposts, like Little Mo Wine shop, which features an impeccable selection and a playful wine maze to help visitors determine dinner pairings. “And don’t forget, this is New York, so they deliver,” Hueston Mack adds with a laugh.  

A straight shot from Manhattan, the Brooklyn Museum is a must-attend, followed by a treat at Blue Marble Ice Cream, which Hueston Mack calls the nabe’s best-kept secret. In warmer seasons, he suggests a day trip to the Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn’s cultural hub, marked by its distinctive arch modeled after the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. The area also features the New York Public Library, Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, and a farmer’s market on Saturdays. 

Blue Marble Ice Cream Shop, Allie Misch

“If you’re taking a trip to Manhattan, spend the extra day and take a trip to Brooklyn,” Hueston Mack says. “It took me five years too long to get here, and I’m telling you right now that you’ve got to make it!”

Local Legends is not a city guide or a countdown of places to visit. Instead, it’s a catalogue of stories that uncovers unique information about featured destinations across the United States. Watch the full video with André Hueston Mack below and the rest of National Car’s Local Legends here. And stay tuned—your neighborhood could be the next stop!