Leta Foster Debuts New Pre-Fab Design Concept


Leta Foster is offering up her Palm Beach elegance to the world. How so, you ask? Her new venture, PREtty FABulous Rooms, offers rooms with a pre-arranged set of staples, designed by Foster herself. “People will buy an expensive house and then run out to the store to get everything, and it’s all made in China,” Foster says, explaining her inspiration for launching  PREtty FABulous Rooms. “This way, people can get it done quickly but everything is the same quality as if you hired a designer.”

While the quality is on-par with designer services (American-made furniture and beautiful fabrics are from leading companies like Sister Parish Designs and Quadrille, including Alan Campbell and China Seas), the price is far less. To lessen the bottom line, Foster leverages her excellent vendor relations and buys in bulk. “We’re using really good brands, there’s nothing cheap,” Foster notes. “The least expensive thing in the whole room are the rugs, which are either sisal or indoor/outdoor carpets from Dash & Albert.”

All rooms (there are multiple options for every area of the house, and Foster says there are more coming) feature a pre-arranged set of staples with a choice of added furnishings and accessories. Designs are timeless and fresh, and feature both heirlooms of tomorrow and chic modern finds. When a potential client inquires about a room (hosted through online marketplace Shopify), they provide a sketch of their space and its dimensions. Foster’s team then provides a floor plan, advises on a paint plan, and discusses other additions like blinds, etc. “Then, the truck will come and hang curtains, install blinds, and arrange the furniture,” she explains. Now that’s white-glove service!

With Palm Beach’s influx of full-time residents continuing to grow, Foster sees the service as an option for both homeowners in Iowa as well as newcomers to Southern Florida who don’t know where to source beautiful pieces for their interior. Foster’s service offers designer perks without the price tag. “It’s a way they can have a beautiful room but will pay less than if they hired me or even did it themselves,” she says.