Look Fabulous, Share Confidence

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It’s not easy being a teenager—body image issues, bullies, family trouble—they add up. Today, 47% of girls across the country struggle with self-esteem. But having positive reinforcement in your life can make the world of a difference. That’s why a young woman jewelry entrepreneur is thinking big:

Hitting Icing stores nationwide this February ahead of Valentine’s Day, “Look Fabulous, Share Confidence” is a new line of jewelry that’s inspiring girls across the country to be strong and ambitious, even when the going gets tough.

From $10-20, the jewelry includes necklaces and bracelets with charms and powerful words to remind girls to be “strong,” “ambitious” and “confident.”

The jewelry is already making a huge difference. As one girl put it“it makes me smile and feel loved when I wear it because it was a present from someone who thinks I’m all these great things.”

The line is being designed and launched by Gennaro, a woman-owned and operated fashion jewelry company whose mission is to make every girl and woman feel beautiful and independent. For every piece of jewelry that’s sold, Gennaro is donating 10% of their profits to Strong Women Strong Girls, a nonprofit that’s connecting strong women mentors to girls for low-income communities, so they can shoot for the stars and live up to their true potential.