Looking Back at Ralph Lauren’s Fall 2015 Runway Show


I’ve never asked the man, but I’d be willing to bet that Ralph Lauren loves Westerns. Probably can’t get enough of ’em. Hell, some of his best collections were Western-themed. 

But there was a special purity to Lauren’s show this season. Like a John Ford film, Lauren’s composition was classical. He arranged the outfits, as he often does, from daywear to evening, sometimes to suggest progression. The first 17 looks came in shades of earthy browns. The next nine were white, ivory, ecru. Black followed. Most of the time, his models were completely covered, cossetted in cashmeres or buttoned-up and bow-tied. A statement? There were Westerns that once asked: Does a man need to carry a pistol in order to state his opinion? Lauren’s show posed a similar question: Does a woman need to show skin to exhibit her beauty? Take a look and decide for yourself.