Lorry Newhouse Spring 2014

by Alex. R. Travers

lorry-newhouse0515 Central Park West is one of the grand contemporary buildings of Manhattan, not so much opulent as it is elegant. Prints by the artist Alex Katz hang on the interior walls, offering an added element of New York, and its views of Central Park, Lincoln Center, and the surrounding areas are simply unrivaled. It seemed the perfect location for Lorry Newhouse’s Spring 2014 collection, which touched on the luxe opulence of classic daywear.

While I was looking at the clothes, Matt Monro’s “From Russia With Love” delicately played through the speakers. If you’ve seen the 1963 film, you couldn’t help but relate the sea-green floral silk baby-doll dress to the petite number Tatiana Romanova wore for James Bond on the Orient Express. Thinking of the film, I asked the model to spin.

Some dress. After initially browsing, I revisited a pink silk tie blouse—a playful twist on the wardrobe essential. Depending on the shoes, a soothing yellow silk gown with lavender floral print could work for both day and evening. (When it comes to composition, Newhouse is first-rate: The flowers on the dress seemed to cascade diagonally downward in perfect formation.) There was also a sequin number, which, for Newhouse, is par for the course. This time around, it was a dress in purple crimson that fell right above the knees.

The Lorry Newhouse girl has inimitable grace: she’s always exceptionally dressed; if she accidentally left the house without her Clive Christian No. 1 or Chanel No. 5, she’d immediately return to put it on; but she’s also fine with having a few too many glasses of Romanée-Conti and letting loose. For her Spring 2014 collection, Lorry Newhouse uncorked a rare vintage of playfulness and charm.