Lucky Brand Spring 2014

by Alex R. Travers

photoFifth and Pacific’s Lucky Brand Jeans has a lively sense of humor. For example, the stitching of “Lucky You” on the fly of their jeans is one of the brand’s zany moves. But it’s specifics like these that give Lucky Brand a lighthearted sensibility that breeds attention to detail. Welcoming in the Spring 2014 season, for instance, was a gorgeous floral-printed camisole top with beaded straps illuminating the rich colors of Bali’s coastline. Naturally, though, you’ll spot a few more neat particulars: embroidered scarfs, dégradé denims, and two-toned jackets.

For women, distressed denim was the roundelay. The high-waisted jeans will surely be a hit as you can pair them with practically anything. Ditto for the boyfriend jeans, which, while 90s-inspired and languid, still maintained that trim Lucky Brand fit. For men, the collection felt more seasonless: shawl-collar cardigans looked comfy and a black leather jacket walked the line between edgy grit and sophisticated simplicity. Newly introduced was an almost legging-tight jean made with two percent spandex. It came in a gray washed look. And while denim remained the cornerstone of the collection, there was great effort that went into the texture and patterns of the tops and separates for both sexes.

Take, for instance, in-house artist Tom Garner who has been with the brand since its inception. His fascination with Bob Dylan came through in a printed T-shirt showing Dylan’s smooth face and shaggy hair. (Lucky Brand Jeans may be California-based, but that shirt felt positively 4th Street.) In fact, unlike Fifth and Pacific’s Juicy Couture, who went all-in, Randy Newman–loving of L.A. this season, you could picture almost all of these clothes on New Yorkers.

Something else to consider: Lucky Brand does well with basic fabrics. There’s no fancy blends, no neoprene. These are simply cool and confident clothes made for customers who appreciate details that add up to a smart, relaxed whole.