Luxury Handmade Carpets, Sustainable by Design


When Tufenkian Artisan Carpets started crafting handmade luxury carpets, sustainability was at the very heart of their business, not merely an afterthought or trending fad. They created a business model that focused both on protecting the environment and the people in the communities where they work, and made it their goal to leave the places they touched a little better than they found them.

Tufenkian is renowned for innovative and high-style carpets, handcrafted entirely from all natural, renewable materials. If, after being passed through multiple generations of use, one were to ever throw out a Tufenkian carpet it would bio-degrade completely, providing rich nutrients instead of leaving behind harmful chemicals.

Tufenkian has also taken important steps toward preservation of scarce water and forest resources. In Nepal, they created an extensive water recycling system in their facility that allows them to continuously reuse the same water not only for dyeing and carpet washing, but also for worker use and consumption. If water is released into the environment, it goes through an extensive purification system and is cleaner than before it entered the facility.

One of the only energy consuming steps of Tufenkian’s carpet production process is heating the dye baths. This process is completed using oil rather than wood to reduce the cutting of Nepal and Armenia’s forests. All other steps of the process are completed by hand, including carding, spinning, and shearing with materials transported by yaks.

Tufenkian does not take shortcuts or compromise quality or integrity at any stage of their production process. The result? Healthy environments and communities where they handcraft the finest carpets in the world.

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