Luxury Logistics, Taking the Stress Out of Moving

Michelle Boren learned the hard way why moving is often listed as one of the most-stressful events in life. But fortunately, her own tough experiences have helped her craft a successful business, Luxury Logistics, which is known for making any transition seamless. 

Photos courtesy of Luxury Logistics

“I’ve been humbled by each journey,” she says of her personal moves, accepting that there is always something new to learn—“like a smarter, more efficient way of doing things next time,” she explains. These days, Michelle expertly manages all the aspects of a move for her clients, so stress is no longer a factor, adding: “All that’s left is the exhilaration of starting a new chapter. That’s what I do best.” 

Luxury Logistics specializes in New York and South Florida, where Michelle coordinates the physical move and manages overlooked details such as furniture placement and transporting valuable art, wine, and gun collections. No stone goes unturned. She’ll even assist in the real estate negotiation while helping her clients get settled in their new communities by finding the best schools, concierge doctors, and contractors to assist with any last-minute renovations that may arise.

“There’s a lot of psychology involved in matching a client with the most effective and appropriate real estate agent, general contractor, interior designer, et cetera,” she says. “We take pride in really getting to know you so we can appreciate your needs and provide more customized services that cater to unique situations. We do not consider our job done until you are fully immersed in your new community.”

That’s why Luxury Logistics is not a moving company; it’s a “full-service transition team, offering comprehensive relocation packages involving so much more,” as Michelle describes it. “Managing a relocation requires in-depth knowledge of real estate, contract negotiation, mortgage financing, permitting, tax rules and regulations, and financial reporting. We connect the people, infrastructure, technology, expertise, and insights in one package. This is what defines us as leaders in the Florida and New York markets.”

It’s also what makes Luxury Logistics unique. Plus, Michelle Boren understands that her clients’ time is valuable. She prides herself on efficiency. “We should be your first and last call.” 

Which it was for jewelry designer Stephanie Kantis, who used Luxury Logistics for her move from Dallas, Texas, to Palm Beach. In her early conversations, Kantis wanted to know how long it would take her from being “the new kid in town” to getting situated. She found out rather quickly, and now when others ask that same question, Kantis offers this as a response: “Right away—if you know Michelle Boren.”