Mackage and Bradley Theodore Present “The Underground Artist”

Bradley Theodore

Mackage’s August Summer Series features Bradley Theodore, renowned street artist, curating an art collection at Mackage SoHo (123 Mercer Street). Mackage co-creative directors and co-founders Elisa Dahan and Eran Elfassy collaborated with Bradley to transform the SoHo space into a unique art gallery, complementing the arrival of the Fall/Winter 2015 Collection.

“This exhibition is a visual jam session between fashion and art,” says Theodore. “I view life through an artistic lens, oftentimes using people and buildings as my materials. In this case, I used the store as my palate and hand selected artists who I greatly respect and admire to spark creative conversation. I really appreciate the Mackage aesthetic and enjoyed working with my artist friends to pool our unique techniques together.”

“We noticed Bradley’s work back in 2013,” says Dahan, “when he painted his mural of Karl Lagerfeld and Anna Wintour in the Lower East Side. We are excited to partner with Bradley and cultivate this relationship.”

“The SoHo Summer Series allows Elisa and I to collaborate with our favorite artists and brands that evince Mackage’s lifestyle,” Elfassy states. “We love using this series to highlight and support creative talent we respect and are passionate about.”

Mackage’s Fall-Winter 2015 Collection was inspired by the Arctic landscape, embracing compositional elements, colors, and markings of wintry, glacial beauty. Cool tones of ash, blue grey and off-white are mixed with pops of bordeaux, exuding the sky and earth’s color palette. This season, Dahan and Elfassy integrate volume into their minimalistic outerwear by exploring various lengths and forms. Handbags incorporate the Arctic’s attributes by utilizing angular structure. Modern and edgy satchels, backpacks and cross body handbags are accented with Mackage’s distinctive hardware.

Artists featured in the exhibition are Bradley Theodore, ByFlore, Jay West, LeRone Wilson, Humza Deas, Hassan Kinley and Ray Smith. The curated art mirrors Mackage’s signature balance of hard and soft elements. A range of sculptures, paintings, photography prints, and a large scale projection give a glimpse into the powerful synergy between art and fashion. “The Underground Artist” exhibition will be displayed and available for purchase at the store until September 25th.