Macy’s 91st Thanksgiving Day Parade Goes Off Without a Hitch

Yesterday’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade marked its 91st celebration, witnessed  by more than 3.5 million live viewers across the United States. The two-and-a-half mile route runs through Manhattan boasting character balloons, custom floats, high school marching bands, dancer, and musical performances. 

The march down Central Park West was led by a familiar character: Olaf from Disney’s Frozen. In one hiccup, Jimmy Fallon’s float with the Roots crashed into NYPD barricades, yet they carried on despite the mishap. 

The event was lighthearted and celebratory despite increased police presence, and onlookers (on the streets of New York and around the country) were able to enjoy this time-honored tradition as ingrained in Thanksgiving Day as roast turkey and pumpkin pie.