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For decades, Dinyar Wadia’s eponymous firm has been designing breathtaking homes for discerning clients in Connecticut and Westchester County. While substantial, Wadia Associates homes are also meticulously crafted for the comfort of its clients with features tailored to meet the needs of today’s modern lifestyle. And perhaps most notably, the firm’s ability to blend each home into the site of its construction is unmatched. Luckily for Quest readers, Wadia Associates recently expanded its footprint to Palm Beach and is ready to conform its designs to the South Florida landscape. To learn more about the Wadia experience, we chat with one of the company’s dedicated clients, Marian Mule, who put her trust in Wadia to build her permanent residence, and is excited to work with the firm on her most recent purchase in Palm Beach.

This French chateaux-style home offers ample room for outdoor entertaining.

Brooke Kelly: Tell me about your experience with Wadia Associates.
Marian Mule:
We found Wadia Associates very professional, knowledgeable, and very easy to work with. My husband and I were comfortable knowing that they would take care of our interests and would follow through and accomplish our objective in the most beautiful yet efficient, cost-effective way.

BK: What makes you excited about Wadia Associates opening an office in Palm Beach?
They can design anything; their ability to design in any setting is a huge asset in Palm Beach and across Southern Florida. Their reputation is based on homes beautifully designed and built correctly the first time around.

A rendering of a Regency-style home in Palm Beach.

BK: What else should we know about Wadia? Why should our readers use Wadia over other companies that provide similar services in the area?
It’s hard to find another firm that provides similar services. Wadia Associates provides guidance for the entire process from beginning to end. We didn’t have to be involved in any of the administrative tasks that are part and parcel of the design and construction process.

We choose them because of their track record and because their designs “immediately feel like home.” Moreover, the design process was done with respect for our wishes and needs, and truly was an enjoyable process. They have designed hundreds of homes that are clearly head and shoulders above homes designed by many other high-end architectural firms.

The first reason your readers should use Wadia Associates is because their focus is on your requirements. They work in a wide range of architectural styles. Every home they design—no matter the size or style, always looks and feels just right, and they get it right the first time around. They combine casual elegance and comfort with good proportions. Their work has been highly spoken of by the Prince of Wales in the foreword to the Wadia Associates monograph. Even though Dinyar never mentions this, he is one of about 40 architects worldwide to be invited to join the International Network for Traditional Building, Architecture & Urbanism (INTBAU) by the Prince’s Foundation and he is also one of the few architects who is inducted into the New England Design Hall of Fame.

An allee of trees greets you on the drive in at this estate.

BK: What made for a great experience?
Wadia Associates worked seamlessly with the interior designer, landscape architect, and lighting consultant to round out the project. When it all came together, nothing looks like an afterthought. They carefully reviewed bids and make recommendations for a general contractor and oversaw the project to make sure the construction matched the specifications.

Finally, I would recommend Wadia Associates because the process does not stop at the completion of the drawings. Dinyar Wadia and his team were with us from the beginning to the time we moved in, and they’ve remained available long after the project was complete.

A classic Mediterranean-style Palm Beach home rendering.