Managing Wealth and Motorcycling

What do wealth management and motorcycling 70 miles per hour along the west side highway have in common? According to Tony Guernsey, a lot. A risk manager at Wilmington Trust Company, Tony equates his job to navigating a motorcycle on an aggressive highway. “When you’re driving a motorcycle, you’re looking at the road ahead. When you’re investing someone’s money you’re looking at the road ahead,” Tony states in a cool, calculated tone. “But you’re really worrying about the peripheral risks.” These peripheral risks range from swings in other markets – currencies, commodities, and fixed income just to name a few – to political events at home and abroad. Nonetheless, for Tony, motorcycling is a hobby that doubles as a prudent way to relieve stress and keep his senses sharp. For a wild ride, watch Veronica Dagher’s video interview with Tony Guernsey for The Wall Street Journal.