Meera Gandhi Reaches Out

Meera GandHi is CEO and founder of the Giving Back Foundation, a non-profit organization whose focus is on alleviating poverty and suffering, with a specific emphasis  on underserved children and women. Since its inception, the Foundation’s three missions are clearer than ever: to empower through transformative education; to be a platform for dialogue and debate; and to spread mindfulness and happiness. As declares Ms. Gandhi’s and the Foundation’s motto, “We are to the universe only as much as we give back to it.”
One of the most apparent facets of her mission is that mentorship is a binding thread that connects the foundation  to those that the Giving Back Foundation helps.
“I have seen, as I grow older, insight and experience becomes very valuable to younger people who are starting life and are unsure of what is ahead,” says Ms. Gandhi. “A strong spirit of love and caring, and ongoing mentorship, is what we are all about today.”
This May, the B4U TV Network will start airing The Meera Gandhi Show, which will aim at mentoring and inspiring people around the world, as well as act as a platform to share the kind of messaging that the foundation feels is much needed today. More than ever, Meera Gandhi believes that people need to feel loved, connected, and inspired. The Giving Back Foundation has been quite successful in this principle and is growing faster than ever, currently reaching a quarter of a million people through online messages, films, and books.
Needless to say, the T.V. show will take the message to an extensive worldwide audience: an expected billion viewers in India, 4 to 5 million in the U.S. and Canada, and another half a million in the UAE—all within the first 13 episodes. “We are having so much fun syncing our message with those who need to absorb these uplifting and energetic campaign,” proclaims Ms. Gandhi.


With everything that she has already accomplished, this  is latest move is another wonderful way for the humanitarian and philanthropist Ms. Gandhi to reach out a helping hand to those around the world who might need one