Meera Gandhi’s Philanthropic Retreat

On Sunday July 17th, 2016, The Giving Back Foundation held it’s first ever mindfulness event called The Ledgewood Retreat: Mindfulness, Happiness, Movement and Meditation. The idea was to carve out a time for busy individuals to get away from the hustle and bustle and learn from top yoga and meditation experts how to practice mindfulness, movement, and of course meditation!

The day began with a warm welcome by founder Meera Gandhi, including breakfast and refreshments by the pool. The day continued with some light yoga and meditation by Inga Benson. After uplifting everyone’s energy, Miriam Belov discussed the importance of Chakras in daily life.

The participants then took a break to mingle and enjoy a nice Indian lunch under the 400-year-old oak trees on Ledgewood Estate, followed by a short presentation of Martha Fiennes’s new film project in the Library. The afternoon continued with body love movement by Jules Bakshi and shaman drumming with Kiran Gandhi, of Madame Gandhi music label. Kiran performed “Moon in the Sky”much to everyone’s delight!

The day ended with dessert and gifts such as The Giving Candle and The Giving Back table book and Giving Back Film. It was a huge success! Over 75 people of all ages including Meera’s parents and her three children Kiran, Kanika, and Kabir attended the event. The day maintained an intimate feel with everyone seemingly becoming friends by the end. Every person left with a sense of peace and calm and a smile on their face. A special thanks to retreat director Kesi Bailer and her team Nicole D’Souza, Sayrah Rana and Jeffrey Fass.

“Stay joyous on this beautiful journey of life”  was the mantra that evolved from the day!

“We are to the universe only as much as give back to it.”