Meet This At-Home Anti-Aging Device We Love

If you’re seeking to improve fine lines and wrinkles, get NEWA on your radar. This anti-aging device allows you to work for improved skin texture by rebuilding the skin’s collagen—in the comfort of your own home. The handheld machine is powered by 3DEEP technology from Endymed—an industry leader—and has been tested by dermatologists and customers around the globe. The conclusion: it really works!

During a recent study performed in an acclaimed New York research lab, more than ninety percent of participants showed reduction in wrinkle severity after only four weeks of using the device, with continued collagen remodeling up to six months after the treatment.

The NEWA device only requires eight minutes twice a week to treat the targeted problem area, and will deliver both immediate and long-term effects. In as little as twelve weeks, it’s even possible to reproduce the amount of collagen lost over four years. Best of all, the treatments are pain-free and safe, and even considered relaxing like a facial.

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