Modern Elegance Opens on Madison

Exterior of Barton Perreira Boutique on Madison Avenue.
Exterior of the Barton Perreira boutique on Madison Avenue.

With the opening of Barton Perreira at 42 East 66th Street, just off Madison Avenue, New Yorkers have no reason to worry that the ever chic and stylish city is changing its quintessential personality traits any time soon. The California-based luxury eyewear brand opened its first New York City location just last week, as it continues its reputation of being one of the biggest success stories in the independent luxury eyewear world. Since the brand’s beginning, the partners have chosen to challenge convention, pooling their expertise in design, artistry, entertainment, and retail, to launch what’s become one of the prized jewels among eyewear aficionados.

Shoppers visiting the New York City boutique will be greeted with up-cycled leather floor tiles, dramatic black Paperstone and crystal clear Starfire glass. The store is meant to mimic the city itself by being equally sleek and stylish. CEO Bill Barton has worked closely with the architect, David Spinelli, to design each and every store to fit the personality of the location. This fashion boutique is an extension of the Barton Perreira aesthetic—timeless, luxurious, artful.

The Barton Perreria store in NYC. Photographed by John Muggenborg.
The Barton Perreria store in NYC. Photographed by John Muggenborg.

The store’s custom-designed lighting makes for an incredibly clean visual experience for any visitor. Products include both house classics and new Barton Perreira collections as well as a recently introduced technical-luxury line in eyewear, Allied Metal Works. For those with a particularly discerning eye, the Barton Perreira boutique promises to be the ultimate destination.