Nathan Shearer: A Photographer’s Journey

by Alex R. Travers

What hasn’t artist/hairdresser Nathan Shearer done? “After a few years working in the wild world of New York fashion I split to throw caution to the wind and follow my heart. I landed in Northern California where I jumped back on a bicycle after a three year break  and picked up a camera to document the year I was to spend there,” Shearer tells me. Now a resident of Harrisonburg, Virginia, the Renaissance man has been focusing on his true passion: photography.

Shearer’s photos bear resemblance to Christopher Boffoli scenes were we see figures set up in playful scenarios that clearly do not belong to their backgrounds. But we can still relate to what’s happening in the photographs of both artists (and laugh as well). Boffoli has used miniature figures rowing in spit milk and toys capturing a crawfish to accent the size of the visceral objects. But Shearer’s use of style and scale creates a whimsical effect that makes viewers believe the static Lego toy is part of its natural environment, sometimes even commanding it. Shearer experiments with several different cameras and lenses to get his desired effect. The final product is a discussion between the object and its natural space, which always inspired Sherer when he would admire the use of scale models in films like “2001: A Space Odyssey.”

On January 4, 2013, Shearer’s exhibit will open at the Larkin Arts Center in Harrisonburg, Virginia and run the entire month.

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