New David LaChapelle Exhibit Opens 2/23

This Thursday artist David LaChapelle will debut a new exhibit of deceptively decorative floral still-lifes entitled “Earth Laughs In Flowers.” You can see a sampling of works in the collection here.

The title of the exhibition comes from a poem by Emerson in which nature mocks mankind’s arrogance. Here’s more:

In “Earth Laughs In Flowers” David LaChapelle appropriates the traditional Baroque still life painting in order to explore contemporary vanity, vice, the transience of earthly possessions and, ultimately, the fragility of humanity. Expectations of the still life are satisfied through the inclusion of symbolic objects such as fruit, flowers and skulls, but also upended by the insertion of everyday items such as cell phones, cigarette butts, balloons, Barbies, and a Starbuck‚Äôs iced coffee cup. This last effect is exacerbated by a tortuous disorderliness overwhelming the composition. The resulting photographs achieve a painterly, almost sculptural quality, thereby challenging the traditions of painting.

The exhibit will be held at Fred Torres Collaborations and run through March 24. The location is 527 W 29th Street, third floor. For more information, call 212-244-5074