“New Frontier” Installation at Galeria Melissa


The New York City Flagship location for Galeria Melissa is celebrating a new partnership with talented creative director Sam Shannon’s installation: “New Frontier.” The installation is set to run through the end of December and is open to the public. A freelance director working between New York City and Los Angeles, Shannon started her career creating short-form documentaries, music videos, and scripted series before launching her own production company. In constant support of emerging female artist Melissa coordinated with SOFTlab to turn Shannon’s multi-faceted dreams into reality. The installation features 20 LED screens facing Broadway, playing short snippets of the main window video made up of various films and fabrics that act as filters for the screen. These effects shape the way visitors experience the installation depending on where they stand, converting the gallery-turned-store into a place of individual discovery.

Challenging the here-and-now rules of traditional video Shannon showcases individuals who define their own ambitions and measure success by their own rules. The video specifically made for this project acts as representation of a diverse group of New Yorkers who reflect a spectrum of sexualities, genders, races, and styles expressing how their particular style has become part of how they live in New York on a daily basis. The installation is accompanied by a special voice over narrated by the cast, creating a deeply emotive narrative, that allows onlookers to become one with the director’s work. “It is a new frontier being formed by the palpable agency of the younger generation and our cast showcases this,” Shannon says. Visitor’s can also have their own photo incorporated into an exclusive collage created by Shannon in the installation photo-booth to share their own expression of the city.

Melissa is a celebrated global fashion accessories brand, recognized worldwide for innovative works it has associated itself with in design, fashion, and art. Collaborating with Shannon showcases an interesting portrait of how younger generations are expressing their individuality and unique backgrounds.