New York City Rallies Around Refugee Children


When New York City Council member Mark Levine put out a call for help earlier this week, New Yorkers responded in a big way. City dwellers responded with goods to help the more than 239 refugee children stranded in New York City, offering clothing, diapers, and other goods. One mother even donated frozen breast milk!

Levine reported his office was overflowing with thousands of pounds of goods. Though he described the situation as heartbreaking, Levine said, “For now, they’re New Yorkers and we’re going to support them with whatever we have as city government and as private citizens. I am truly inspired by the generosity.” 

After the initial donations, Levine reports agencies are receiving more goods than they can handle and encourages financial contributions instead. He also cautions that the current policy does little to lighten the load of immigrant families:

“The executive order which President Trump signed only partially undoes the cruel policy his administration has implemented. Immigrant families are still being imprisoned and remain separated, and there is no plan to reunite the hundreds of children who are now stranded in NYC with their families. We must continue to protest and organize to end this injustice.”