Next Stop: Greenwich Avenue (Part 2 + Video)

Home to a plethora of luxury fashion boutiques, charming cafés, and trendy restaurants, Greenwich Avenue is a blissful destination for shoppers and undoubtedly one of Connecticut’s most exciting retail destinations. Here we
discuss essential places to stop while strolling along this understated avenue.


145 Greenwich Avenue
203.661.1803 /

As the home of Nantucket reds and Shep Shirts, Vineyard Vines is the go-to for all those in need of preppy summer clothing. One round through this boutique and you may have all of the patterned ties needed for the entire season. They offer men’s and women’s clothing—all in a variety of fun summer colors. The interior of this shop reflects the brand’s playful personality; the back end of a fishing boat is the centerpiece of the store—an exciting display to take note of as you check out. Even better is the inventive way they showcase their clothing, incorporating old beach bar signs to separate silhouettes. This shop is the place to go to ensure you look effortlessly cool all summer long.


239 Greenwich Avenue
203.869.0124 /

Betteridge has been one of America’s historic fine jewelers since they were founded in 1897. Their history goes back even further when you follow the trail of the company’s namesake—Terry Betteridge—a fourth-generation jeweler whose roots date back to the 1700s in Birmingham, England. The Betteridge boutique on Greenwich Avenue offers a variety of keepsake pieces—including everything from Rolex and Patek Philippe, to Cartier and Verdura. The inside of the showroom glitters on all sides with the finest quality jewels, and the pieces found here will endure the test of time—Betteridge is always a good investment.


98 Greenwich Avenue
203.422.0180 /

There is no shortage of reasons to step into Lacoste’s boutique on Greenwich Avenue. While the store can satisfy all your needs for piqué polos, fresh fragrances, and sportswear, they also have you covered for swimwear—with all suits designed with fun, playful patterns. The brand was once known as the provider of all things country club-related and, although it has since expanded, its roots are still clearly evident. Lacoste can keep you ready for all summer activities—whether you are hitting the beach, tennis court, or the golf course, you will not struggle with a lack of options after stepping into this boutique.


Restoration Hardware
310 Greenwich Avenue
203.552.1040 /

The warm weather tends to rustle up feelings of needing change. Restoration Hardware is here to offer both modern and timelessly classic pieces to update your summer home. The store also functions as a gallery so that you can see your future décor instead of trying to imagine it. At this location, Restoraton Hardware offers furniture, lighting, textiles, bathware, and outdoor décor. Regardless of the extent of your home makeover, Restoration Hardware can provide high-quality personal advice. When shopping here, be warned that the furnishings are so alluring that you may intend to purchase a small lamp but walk out with a full bedroom set!