Nobilo Wines

Summer—as always—seems to come and go before we even realize. Plans seem to mesh into a cramming jumble of where to go, what to do, and what to try before cool weather comes swooshing in, pushing us indoors.

On your list of things to do before the end of the season: a tasting of Nobilo Wines, from New Zealand. Whether while entertaining at a barbeque or at a seaside cookout, or as a nice complement to a dinner for two, Nobilo is a treat to savor on any occasion.

Choose from the 2014 Regional Collection Sauvignon Blanc (which bursts with hints of freshly cut grass, pineapple, and passion fruit) or the 2014 Icon Sauvignon Blanc (which features a crisp taste and exciting notes of grapefruit.) There’s also the 2013 Icon Pinot Noir, which is the perfect choice for a summer red, with dark-fruit flavors and a strong tannic backbone—a great fit for any red wine lovers.

Be sure to not miss out! The days of summer are dwindling down, so purchase a bottle of Nobilo Wines quicker than you can say, “Labor Day!”

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