The Best Bottle from Down Under

Give your usual vineyards of Bordeaux, Tuscany, and Napa Valley a break, and opt for a bottle or two of New Zealand’s finest, Nobilo.

With one of the top-selling New Zealand Sauvingnon Blancs in the U.S., as well as an award winning Pinot Noir, Nobilo is setting new standards for wines from down under.  Pioneering the move away from the use of hybrid grapes to grapes from new regions (in this case, Marlborough), Nobilo brings something new to the table– literally.  Both wines feature grapes from two distinct areas within Marlborough: the Awatere Valley and the Wairu Valley.  They are known for grapes with heavy herbal characters and tropical fruit flavors, respectively.  Employing grapes from the two areas, Nobilo produces a well-balanced bottle of wine for anyone from the causual wine drinker to the epicurean.

In addition to the Nobilo Regional Collection, there is also Nobilo Icon.  While the former is crafted from grapes that are known for thier consistent style and exceptional quality, the latter delivers a balance of vintage and vineyard in a rich, complex, and full-bodied wine.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to enjoy a glass– or the whole bottle– Quest highly encourages you to before the end of the summer at one of these seaside restuarants:

Fat Fish – Bay Shore, NY

The Cliff Restaurant – Laguna Beach, CA

Rusty Pelican – Key Biscayne, FL

Blue Canoe – Martha’s Vineyard, MA

For more information, visit Nobilo at