NYC Young Men’s Initiative

by Chris Meigher


Last night at Gracie Mansion, the Young Men’s Initiative (YMI) recounted the 18 months of work both Mayor Bloomberg and the Initiative have dedicated to finding new ways to mitigate the crisis affecting young Black and Latino men in New York City. The YMI has clear-cut goals: “Over the next three years, the City will invest a combination of public and private funds, totaling over $127 million, to support new programs and policies that are designed to address disparities between young Black and Latino Men.” The cross-agency enterprise plans to address issues related to health, employment, education, and the criminal justice system. Since August 2011, members of the YMI have already made a considerable difference and have helped many young men achieve their professional and educational goals. The group has it all: love, humor, commitment, and a probing sense of what it takes to fight a difficult battle.

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