Palm Beach Design: Gil Walsh

Throughout Her impressive career, one message is always repeated in Gil Walsh’s mind: “No design is new; all design is rooted in the past.”

Along with her talented team of designers, Walsh interprets clients’ vision in an array of design styles; such as Coastal, Old Palm Beach, British West Indies, Spanish/Mediterranean, Traditional, Transitional, Modern, and Mid Century. 

“Since the 70s,” she says, “there is one style that I have admired the most—the California Coastal style.” 

The popularity of the minimalist, sophisticated-yet-welcoming look of the California style has grown immensely over the past few years. Interior designer, Michael Taylor, infused his own style with those of the great decorators of the past. Despite passing away more than two decades ago, his work is continuously featured in prestigious publications such as Architectural Digest

Gil Walsh

Taylor’s use of the color white was inspired by a British interior decorator of the 19020s, famous for her all white drawing room in London, England. 

 Elsie De Wolfe, America’s first decorator also ushered in a new age of lighter, brighter, more feminine interiors—aptly mixing white painted furniture with large mirrors and clean surfaces. 

Frances Elkins, a legendary decorator of the 20th century, known on the West Coast for her eclectic mix of modern and traditional, also greatly influenced Taylor’s use of mixed period pieces. 

She works with her team to create Gil’s version of the California Coastal style.  

They blend coastal elements with tailored, sophisticated furnishings then highlight natural light to produce a bright and airy room design.