Palm Beach Design: Mario Nievera & Keith Williams

Mario Nievera was able to fulfill his childhood dream of designing impeccable landscapes and gardens when he founded his eponymous architecture firm in 1996. Nievera’s firm—now Nievera Williams Design after partnering with longtime colleague Keith Williams in 2011—is now one of the leading landscape architectural companies in the country, renowned for its ability to balance color, light, form, and texture in the environment for an understated yet elegant feel in both residential and commercial landscapes. “I take great joy in seeing the sparkle in the eyes of a client once their garden is unveiled! Everyone has a connection to nature and their environment, which is evident when they connect with their personal private outdoor space,” says Nievera, who’s inspired by and fascinated with the power of plants. “I’m always looking at plants at least six months ahead of a project installation—and researching the most appropriate choices for particular climates.” Driven by this desire to maximize each client’s time spent in their outdoor spaces, Nievera and Williams have successfully completed projects throughout the country, predominately in and around New York, Palm Beach, and East Hampton, where Nievera splits his time. Beyond the United States, the firm has also worked with clients in the Caribbean and Shanghai, China.

Mario Nievera

The pair’s notable projects include two listings currently available in Palm Beach (pictured above): a Spanish-Mediterranean oceanfront estate originally built for Lila Vanderbilt Webb at 1465 N Ocean Boulevard, which features lavish gardens and courtyards typical of the area, and a Bermuda-inspired home on the Intracoastal Waterway, featuring a gondola-style dock, a stream with a waterfall, and stunning terraced gardens.

Tarpon Cove, the Bermuda-style home on Palm Beach’s Intracoastal Waterway

The team’s outstanding work has earned the firm a number of awards and recognition in premier design publications. Pointed Leaf Press also published a book dedicated to Nievera’s work, Forever Green: A Landscape Architect’s Innovative Gardens Offer Environments to Love and Delight, featuring more than 250 photographs of Nievera’s renowned gardens and landscapes.

Keith Williams

Aside from their design skills, the pair’s success can also be attributed to their ability to connect with their clients on a personal level. As engaged community members, Nievera and Williams are both actively involved in the American Society of Landscape Architects and often donate the firm’s services to non-profit organizations. Nievera also frequently lectures about the firm’s work throughout the country. The duo—both personable, driven, undeniably talented and now managing a staff of 20 and more than 40 projects at a time—are truly a dream team.

1465 N Ocean Boulevard in Palm Beach