Palm Beach Dining: All Roads Lead to 1000 NORTH


Palm Beach County’s latest hot spot, 1000 NORTH, has that supremely casual attitude (with just a soupçon of swagger) that a pro golfer at the Masters exhibits when he is approaching the green—and his ball is about three feet from the hole. It’s no wonder: according to 1000 NORTH’S managing partner, Ira Fenton, Jupiter, the small sea town just north of Palm Beach that 1000 NORTH calls home, is also home to the most PGA players anywhere in the United States. To borrow founding partner Michael Jordon’s favorite sports metaphor, it is a slam-dunk that this cross between the Tribeca Grill and the 19th Hole was designed with golfers like “The Big Easy” Ernie Els and Jack Nicklaus in mind.This is definitely a destination restaurant, and—surprise!— there are two avenues of approach: U.S. Highway 1 by car or the Loxahatchee River by yacht, in which case you can tie up at their newly built 325-foot floating dock. Both offer an entrance to the Terrace—the al-fresco bar, lounge, and eating area (one of four separate dining sections, each with its own menu).If you have just wandered off your yacht in your Bermudas, feel free to hang for a while, enjoy a cocktail and the view, and dine on prime hamburgers while watching the boats going up river. However, if you feel like heading inside for the real dining experience, be prepared to change into a jacket (no tie).
Indoors, in the Tavern and Restaurant, executive chef Lee Morris has had a grand time creating a modern American menu that is spiked with the most unexpected Charleston-inspired dishes. How lucky we were that founding partner and friend Patrick Park arranged for us to sneak in for a tasting feast. “Try the perfectly prepared Pittsburgh Wagyu steak,” he advised us. That sounded wonderful; however, we allowed the gracious Chef Morris to serve us his favorites: She-Crab Soup; Bourbon and Hay-Roasted Oysters; Bigeye Tuna Poke; Beet and Blackberry Salad with Goat Cheese; Yellow Wedge Grouper; Superior Farms Grilled Lamb Chops; Mocha Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Ganache; and Vanilla Ice Cream.
Upstairs, the intimate, by-invitation-only Club Lounge offers the perfect space to smoke a cigar on the terrace while enjoying a romantic view of the Jupiter Light House, a fully stocked secluded bar, and your very own private chef, Troy Sheller, whose petite kitchen offers its own unique menu, including the most sublime Ibérico de Bellota Black Label Jamon—the most exclusive in the world. Acorn-fed and intensely sweet in taste, according to our chef, this singularly pampered pure-bred Black Iberian pig can trace its registered lineage back 500 years, and was given (by Spanish law) its allotted space of two football fields to roam about freely before being hung out to dry for at least two years. Like caviar and white truffles, it is among the most expensive food products on the market. (Jamon Ibérico de Bellota Bone-In shoulder can be purchased for $1,393.50.) Membership certainly has its perks.
Our evening at 1000 NORTH was a perfect evening in every way, including the expected celebrity sighting: “Broadway Joe” Namath, dining with friends. No paparazzi in sight; nor will there be.