Parties and Politics

Just about six months ago, at a Spectator party in London, I was introduced to a very attractive young woman by the name of Olga. She was Russian, very bubbly, and friendly, and when I told her in no uncertain terms that I was for Trump, she became even friendlier. I took her to dinner and her manners were exquisite, a rarity among Russian women I have known in the past. Olga told me she worked for Russia Today or RT, Russia’s main English-language satellite network, and an alternative to the Western media.

I of course asked her if she was a spy—as she was far better looking than Mata Hari—and told her that if she were one, I’d never look at another woman ever again. To my surprise she was not complimented at all, and insisted that she was a hard working journalist who believed in freedom and independence from state interference as much as I did. “But please be a spy,” I begged her, “and to hell with journalists. They’re all liars and phonies, with their bullshit about independence and all that.” Olga was not amused. We parted friends but I had blown it. In my Cold War mentality, I had assumed that everyone in Russia works for the government, like in the bad old days, but having fought the Soviet system throughout my life, it had suddenly paid me back in spades. Olga remained not amused.

My father was a Cold War enemy of the Soviets par excellence. Father’s factories had been blown up by the communists in 1944, despite the fact that he had shut them down once Greece fell to the Axis powers. (Unlike most French and Belgian industrialists, who benefitted greatly and paid no price afterwards.) Yet by 1980, he had sensed a change and had even accepted an invitation to the Moscow Olympics of that year by the then president Tikhonov. Daddy’s friend, the journalist Georgi Arbatov, told him at the time that the West had nothing to worry about. “Our enemy is militant Islam, and we have forty million hardcore Islamists living in our midst as I speak.”

Thirty-seven years later, as the Donald is about to take over and subversive newspapers such as the Times are stirring anti-Putin sentiments among their naïve readers, the words of Arbatov keep coming back to me. What is it that makes sane people fear Putin when we have an enemy who finances militant Islam right in front of us, paying for terror while we give them air support and guidance in Yemen, allow them free access to our schools and institutions, and even refer to those bipedal hominids who came out from the desert 84 years ago, as royals.

I am speaking, of course, of the Saudi ruling family and their murderous religion, Wahhabism. Just think: 16 of 19 terrorists who blew up the World Trade Center were Saudis, yet the first thing that George W’s administration did was to sneak Saudi moneybags out of the country. George W himself was pictured holding hands with the Saudi ruler Abdullah a bit later, while fully aware that the Saudi ambassador to Washington had been discovered to have contributed money to the terrorists. Just imagine if the Russians had done something similar.

Before his death, President Richard Nixon had told me that the biggest mistake we, the U.S., had made was not to encourage Russia’s new freedom and pour money into her economy. Instead we had expanded NATO into the countries of the former Soviet block to within 100 miles of St Petersburg. (George Kennan, who knew a thing or two about the Soviets, agreed.) Even worse were those unelected clowns that run the EU, as stifling and autocratic an institution as one can find anywhere that is not called a dictatorship by a useful idiot like the New York Times. Incidentally, have any of you gentle Quest readers heard of something called the Monroe Doctrine? It was our invention of our country’s sphere of influence. An ancient nation like Russia surely has the same right to its own sphere of influence, yet the unelected “buraucrooks” of Brussels mounted a coup against a democratically elected government in the Ukraine in order to bring that recently created (1920) nation into the EU family. Some family, where the rich North supports the poor South and over 50 percent of the South’s youths are unemployed while the crooks in Brussels enjoy their perks.

Putin is a nationalist, just like our 45th president is. In the past, the two countries won a World War at the cost of 20 million Russian dead. Uncle Sam’s enemy is Islam and Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Russia is, or could be at a stroke, our friend. Let’s do it. And perhaps I could get Olga back.

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