Perfect Touches to Make a Home


Jennifer Garrigues has long been known for being the top name in high end luxury interior design. The desginer approaches each new project with a practiced eye and intuitive understanding of balance. The evidence can be seen here, in this gorgeous property located in North Palm Beach which has a beautiful view of the ocean.

Garrigues is always very involved with the design process, especially with this particular client. They have collaborated  together for the last 25 years creating beautiful homes both in Connecticut and Florida.

In this exceptional residence, the client was downsizing from a large home to a condominium. Garrigues was able to incorporate all the favorite pieces that she and her client had found during their years of working together.

“We decided that the art work and the ocean were the main focus, so we kept the beautiful Venetian plaster walls in order to show of her fabulous art collection,” Garrigues explains. A bright painting by Mark Rothko is perfectly placed to add a huge splach of color in an otherwise muted corner.    

“We used two of her off white sofas, but recovered some of her existing pieces with our favorite colors. Loving pillows, we found some contemporary and Asian prints to finish off a cleaner yet interesting interior.” Small and careful touches like these are why Garrigues’ clients rave about the resluts she produces with them.

“My client loves her new home and that makes me very happy!”

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