Persimmon Pudding at Nancy’s

C5593-18More often than not, holiday traditions are defined by what’s served, the food that becomes vetted and favorite for generations: Roast Turkey and dressing at Thanksgiving, Standing Beef Rib Roast or goose and Yorkshire pudding at Christmas. You get it—your family has its own, as does mine. Nancy Reagan’s Christmas tradition—one she’s served every year since she married, as her mother did before her—is all-American Persimmon Pudding with Hard Sauce. It’s this country’s answer to a steamed spice pudding from England, and I had never had it until I started going to Nancy’s several years ago for Christmas Day dinner.

We’ll get to the recipe in a sec, but first let’s talk about Nancy’s Christmas table, in her oval-shaped dining room in Bel-Air. There’s a gorgeous French crystal chandelier with prisms, and pale blue Chinese hand-painted scenic wallpaper. Nancy’s closest friend, David Jones—garden designer, custom florist, party guru, and all-around magician of aesthetics—always master-minded all things horticultural in the house, from the thrice-weekly dead-heading of the most mundane orchid in the Reagans’ powder room, to the sensational pair of gold trees in the dining room that flanked each side of the windows looking out to the views of Beverly Hills and the Pacific Ocean. The table? A highly polished Regency mahogany number set for 10 with gold pinecones and red candles, cut red amaryllis in silver bowls, heavy green linen placemats, red-plaid lapkins with embroidered monograms, and perhaps the most beautiful red wine glasses I have ever seen: large Bordeaux-shaped crystal goblets meticulously etched with dancing reindeer that had been a gift from the Hungarian ambassador when the Reagans were in Washington. Daughter Patti told me the glasses were “not my taste,” suggesting they were too ornate, but they sure were mine! On the table, gleaming Francis I flatware completed the scene for the holiday festivities. David J. went over two days before with a measuring tape to make sure everything was ship-shape for Christmas.

Delicious Lobster Bisque was the first course, served at the table, and then a buffet of traditional fare: Roast Turkey, Country Ham, baked sweet potatoes, dressing, cranberry relish, yeast rolls. After everything was cleared, the desserts were passed: Pecan Pie, Orange Pound Cake, and the pièce de résistance: Persimmon Pudding with Hard Sauce. Nancy has a fabulous cook from the Philippines named Bernice who has learned Nancy’s family recipes as if they were her own—a true talent as I’m not so sure about the persimmons in the Philippines, if you see what I mean…

Add this to your Christmas menu if you’re not already stacked up with desserts. Make it in a mold if you’re game or just in a baking dish—there’s no way to go wrong. And here’s to your Christmas traditions, new and old, and mine…and Nancy’s! Happy cooking.

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