Pine Creek: Fun For the Family

Pine Creek Sporting C1007_PCSC___0432lub—nestled on 2,500 acres in Okeechobee, Florida—is the destination for sporting enthusiasts, and their families. The club has evolved to cater to a variety of generations, with activities and offerings for everyone, from grandchildren to grandparents.

Pine Creek Sporting Club offers membership with the purchase of a property, of which there are 70, including: 20 cabins in the woods; 23 cabins by the lake; and 24 compounds, each on 40+ acres and priced at $2.5–$5 million. Memberships are structured to extend across generations, welcoming the member’s parents and children to the club—an heirloom, of sorts.

And, because of the emphasis on family, Pine Creek Sporting Club has continued to evolve into a destination for everyone. “The mission from the onset was to have a world-class sporting club,” says John Reynolds, a founder and the director of sales and marketing at Pine Creek Sporting Club. “But it has evolved into more than that. It has evolved into a family plantation. People from five years old to 85 years old have a great time and there are things for them to do.”

Of course, there’s hunting, from guided quail hunting to feral hog hunting to walk-up pheasant hunting. And there’s shooting, from a sporting clay course to a rifle and pistol range to a high tower pheasant release. But that’s just the beginning…

“In addition to the sorts of things that Pine Creek Sporting Club was born on, we are a family-friendly place,” says John Reynolds. “There’s a zipline for the kids. There’s an outdoor pursuit center, which we refer to as the OPC, where they organize youth activities. There’s a pool and a fitness center as well as a playground. We have a really nice equestrian center with eight horses and 12 miles of trails. Wranglers teach beginners to ride in the ring and if people want to go for a leisurely ride, that’s available to them too. Plus, we have trails for mountain bikes.”

On weekends, there are “drive-in” movies at the OPC, where members can watch from their buggies, as well as bonfires to roast marshmallows for s’mores. Plus, Pine Creek Sporting Club has introduced a camp with tents, which are outfitted with eight bunks and provisions prepared by the chefs. Families can escape to experience nature, or children can go for a couple of days with a counselor.

Pine Creek Sporting Club has excelled at adding amenities that appeal to everyone. “We have some families that have never hunted before but they love that escape, that private cabin in the woods,” says John Reynolds. “They love to have that lifestyle that Pine Creek affords them.

For more information about Pine Creek Sporting Club, call John Reynolds at 561.346.9365 or visit