Pinknic Festival 2017

This past weekend Governor’s Island was taken over by pink partygoers attending this year’s Pinknic—the ultimate rosé festival. There was rosé wine, champagne and what summer event would be complete without frosé.

The two-day festival included several live performances, a pool outfitted with mermaids sporting fuchsia tails, and food from one of NYC’s trendiest chefs, Chris Santos, who runs hotspots like Vandal, Beauty & Essex and Stanton Social. This year at the food court there were ‘picnic baskets’ that were available for purchase—and came with an adorably sporty tote with “Rosé All Day” printed on the front. Inside the basket included delicious bites such as Jamaican Jerk Chicken and fruity Panna Cotta.

As the dress code was very strict, the crowd was a beautifully mingled bunch of pink and white. The festival’s Saturday events were cancelled due to weather conditions. Consequently, Sunday’s festivities doubled in size, but the affair managed to not seem overcrowded. The line for bottles of Whispering Angel were long in the mid-afternoon, but the slew of bartenders that looked as if they’d been plucked from a Dolce and Gabbana Ad made the wait a bit more palatable.

The event was rounded out with a social media friendly sign that spelled out Pinknic in large pink and white letters in addition to a flower wall bursting with flora in various shades of blush.

The festivities were the perfect way to spend a summer afternoon and best of all it was centered around everyone’s favorite summer libation—rosé. If you didn’t manage to attend this year, make sure to save the date for next year! You don’t want to miss out on spending the afternoon lounging on a hot pink blow up cushion with your rosé on ice snuggled up next to you.