Plauré Couture Jewelry

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The master jeweler Aron Suley, has been quietly working with the world’s most famous retailers and brands, while designing their fine jewelry. This then guided him to create his own brand for elegant women who love fine couture jewelry. Suley’s aim is to please his clients and to meet their expectations and demands, he mentions that his prime client is “one who responds deeply to beauty” and as a result of that he creates unique designs, which reflects his clients.

Plauré provides a variety of stunning masterpieces from his one-of-a-kind collection of precious stones. Suley does this by adding a personal touch to customize his designs, which will satisfy his clients by creating a masterpiece for them. They also have the choice of choosing from the selection of gemstones he provides, which results into a work of art. Plauré holds a limited editions library, which is available for purchase on