Pocket Perfumer

Industry-leading perfumery house Givaudon has created a fabulous new tool to help you discover which new fragrances you’ll love. The iPerfumer app, which is now available for free download from the Apple App Store, delivers a customized list of fragrances based on your personal preferences. The app gathers information from you based on a rating system and “like-minded community” preferences. Upon downloading the app to your iPhone, you create a basic profile and rate your taste for all types of fragrances from Citrus to Fougère. No idea what a Fougère fragrance is? No problem. iPerfumer has a handy information page that educates users on each type by offering a brief, layman’s term history and images of specific product examples. (For the record, Fougère is a classic combination of lavender and oakmoss.) Once your preferences are logged, iPerfumer assembles a list of recommended fragrances! The more fragrances you rate, the more specific your list becomes. In addition to your recommended list, the app also offers updates of new product launches and top-selling brands. Let iPerfumer be your personal fragrance stylist and give you insider tips on the perfect gift for any holiday.

Look for this icon at the Apple App Store