Radiant: A Q&A With Pati Dubroff of Clarins

Questmag.com recently caught up with Pati Dubroff, beauty artist for Clarins, to learn about the cosmetic company’s latest innovative products.

QUEST MAGAZINE: How can busy women on the go easily change their looks from work to play?

PATI DUBROFF: Keep quick beauty-fix products in your bag; you don’t have to look ultra-glam all the time, but you can look polished and radiant wherever you go.

For instance, Clarins’ Beauty Flash Balm is a like a cup of coffee for the skin. Moving from party to party is tiring, but a few dabs of this product and your skin looks instantly refreshed.

Another great tool is the Instant Smooth Line Correcting Concentrate. This magical red wand instantly fills in lines and mattes shininess.

QM: What are the trends for this season?

PD: For winter, a berry lip tone is spot on. This can be a sheer wash of color (Clark’s Botanical’s lip tint in madge), or a fuller satin lipstick such as Clarins’ Rouge Prodige in blackberry. Another great trend for winter is adding hints of color on the eyes. Tones like deep aubergine or navy perk up winter skin. Winter skin also benefits from shimmer-sheer washes of silvery glitter.

For spring, we transition into radiant softness. Shades of nude and lingerie-type tones for eyes, cheeks and lips. Everything on face should look glowing—a great blush is Clarins’ Instant Light Blush in vitamin pink or coral tonic. It’s a liquid that dries down to a shimmering wash of color. Along with the soft nude faces there will be either a brown mascara to maintain softness, or this look will be punctuated with more dramatic black lashes and a stronger brow.

QM: What is Clarins best anti-aging product?

PD: Clarins’ Younger Longer Balm is my pick. I religiously use this super moisturizer and have truly seen a difference. It’s a special formula that is meant to stimulate microcirculation under the skin so I always have a rosy glow.

Also new for spring is the Extra-Firming line, which targets firmness for the skin in a whole new way. The textures and smell are divine. For the eye area, my pick is Clarins’ Super Restorative Eye Cream. It feels really softening and nourishing.