Polo Ralph Lauren Spring 2015

by Alex R. Travers 

Ralph Lauren walks on water. Except unlike in Matthew 14:22-33, Lauren’s fashion disciples aren’t terrified at the site. They’re excited, marveling at the designer’s questing spirit and uncanny abilities.

OK, time out. You may have some questions. He walks on water? Yes, but it’s a digital projection, lit on a cascading waterfall at the lake at Cherry Hill in Central Park. What we see is the spring 2015 Polo Ralph Lauren collection, followed by the designer’s bow—his walk on water—featuring an amusing little dance. Lauren likes to put the screws to fashion’s constraints. And his collections are usually cinematic. But unusually, he goes a little far this time. Still, it only takes a moment for the mediacracy of Instagramers to fall hard for the gimmick. All phones out for the fashion spectacle of the season.

In his 4-D show, which will be open to the public, you don’t see much of the clothes, expect for their colors—party blues, lurid yellows, rich reds. His loyal followers will recognize these hues from his Spring 2013 Ralph Lauren Collection line. But that’s not the point. What we see is his (and David Lauren’s) vision. And it’s clear: this brand can be as awesome and diverse as this great city.

Polo is all over the news lately. The new flagship store opens today on Fifth Avenue, with multiple floors of men’s and women’s wear and a café featuring a special blend of Ralph Lauren’s propriety coffee. A restaurant is in the works, too. Which makes you wonder, is there anything Ralph Lauren can’t do?