Pretty Fabulous Furnishings

For more than four decades, Leta Austin Foster’s interior design work has been in-demand up and down the East Coast and across the country. Now, her inimitable eye and taste can be had for far less time and money than hiring a decorator to custom-design your home. With the launch of Pretty Fabulous Rooms (PreFab Rooms for short), Foster’s style is accessible to all.

For PreFab Rooms, Foster has designed several different completely furnished, shoppable rooms that can be purchased with a few clicks of a mouse. Her team asks for a rough sketch of your space, with dimensions, then draws up a floor plan and makes suggestions about paint schemes and if any additional items should be considered, such as blinds or an extra sofa to fill out an especially large room. The PreFab rooms can be ordered online and delivered—with white-glove service—and installed within a day. “Install in the morning and entertain that evening,” as Foster says. It’s just that easy.

PreFab Rooms are also much cheaper than hiring a designer…and by using Foster’s sourcing and connections, they’re far cheaper than ordering the items yourself and paying for them individually. And you needn’t worry about having the same room as a friend; each is limited availability and designs quickly cycle out.

There currently are six living-dining rooms on offer, and three bedrooms—including a collaboration with Billy Baldwin Studio (that’s Billy Baldwin the legendary decorator, whose clients included Diana Vreeland and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, not the actor). As an example, when ordering the Southampton bedroom, you have a choice between two color schemes, and the set includes: a headboard, two square pillows, a bedspread and dust ruffle, two bedside tables, three lamps with shades, one bench, one chair, a throw pillow, a side table, a floor lamp, a mirror, a chest, a rug, and a pair of curtains with curtain rod. The package is $34,000 to suit a queen-size bed and $35,000 for a king.

Completely furnishing a room with no more effort than buying a handbag online? That’s a pretty fabulous idea.