Prime Palm Beach


Palm Beach is known for its families—generation after generation. So, it makes sense that Paulette Koch and her son, Dana Koch (a native of Palm Beach), would team to broker in their community. Here, Quest chats with the realtors about their experience and, of course, their love of the town:

QUEST: Explain your background. Why real estate?

Paulette Koch: I’ve been in the business in Palm Beach since 1981 and it is a privilege to work in such an incredible and compelling market. Real estate is a relationship business and, at the end of the day, I love people. It’s my passion getting to know people, their lives, and how they want to live them. Sharing years of experience and understanding gives me the ability to guide clients, achieving their goals and optimizing the quality in their lives.

Dana Koch: I’ve worked with my mother for 15 years after a career in finance, but I grew up in this business and was always intrigued by it. Obviously, I love Palm Beach and its stunning architecture. What better place to sell real estate? It’s paradise!

QUEST: What distinguishes you from the competition?

Dana Koch: We have intimate knowledge about the market because we’ve been here for so many years. I grew up in Palm Beach. We’re dealmakers, solution finders, and problem solvers. Because we’re a mother-and-son team, clients benefit from getting “two for the price of one.” We keep our clients ahead of the curve with our keen negotiating skills and our constant critical thinking and analysis. We’ve built a very strong brand: the Koch Team at the Corcoran Group. Essentially, we built a brand within a brand. Over the years, we’ve helped clients manage one of their most important assets, and so they’ve come to rely on our guidance, expertise, and professionalism. 

QUEST: Why are your skills so suited for Palm Beach?

Paulette Koch: Our market knowledge is strong and our business is knowing people and listening to their requirements, thus we’re great at making the right match. Our goal is always to exceed our clients’ expectations.

Dana Koch: We’re involved and well-rooted in the community, having watched the town evolve for almost 40 years. It’s become a cultural, sophisticated, year-round community and it’s getting younger and younger. We have no state income tax, so people have moved their businesses and their families down here. It’s a highly desirable place to live. You can be outdoors 365 days a year—we have the best quality of life.

Paulette Koch: We have a long list of cultural activities to offer such as the Society of the Four Arts, the Kravis Center, and the Norton Museum in addition to all of the usual outdoor sports. But it depends on what you want to do. You can be involved or you can be anonymous. The restaurants are world-class, which is great since we’re both foodies. Our favorites in town are Chez Jean-Pierre, Imoto for Asian-fusion, and Surfside Diner for lunch. Also, La Sirena and Kitchen in West Palm Beach.

QUEST: Tell us about your stable of properties.

Dana Koch: We have six properties for sale priced above $20 million on the Intracoastal and on the Ocean, and we have a few properties “in town” that afford the opportunity to walk to restaurants and shopping on Worth Avenue. We run the gamut with offerings in various price categories and, in today’s busy market, we’re one of the few brokers in our area with new inventory. We are always being asked by clients and other brokers: “What do you have?”

Paulette Koch: We are fortunate to represent an amazing portfolio of inventory that is quite diversified.

QUEST: What’s happening with the market in Palm Beach?

Dana Koch: The overall market is stable. We’re approaching the heart of our season, so we’re in full swing, but it’s about quality not quantity at the moment, and the people who are looking to buy are extremely serious. The market is healthy in Palm Beach.

Paulette Koch: Palm Beach is a unique enclave in every way compared to all others in South Florida. From its aesthetic to the lifestyle to its phenomenal, easy-to-reach location, we attract an amazing group of successful and interesting people. We’re fortunate to have our business in this “crown jewel” of the U.S. real estate market.

For more information, contact Dana Koch (561.379.7718 or and Paulette Koch (561.346.8639 or