Queen of Cashmere: Iris von Arnim

by Amanda Perez

Forgotten how cold it gets in New York? Lucky for you, we’ve found the best cashmere in the world. Renowned German fashion designer, Iris von Arnim, “Queen of Cashmere,” is releasing her Fall collection on July 10th. Additionally, von Arnim is launching e-commerce on the brand’s website, which means that the new collection will be easily available in the U.S. The Fall collection is complete with fitted trench coats and over-sized cashmere sweaters. “The collection is inspired by the woman of the 21st century, her emotions, fears, the travels that thrill her. When designing I asked the question of how can my collection accompany her in daily life,” says Iris von Arnim of the new Fall collection. Beautifully tailored and elegantly fitting, Iris von Arnim’s Fall collection is feminine in a way that has nothing to do with trendiness, but everything to do with style. Plus, there’s nothing like exquisite cashmere.

For more information, visit IrisvonArnim.com.