Real Estate: On The South Florida Front

*lr_Jay Head Shot 1South Florida is in the midst of a real-estate renaissance. Properties are popping up faster than ever and demand for second homes is high. Naturally, we here at Quest are curious as to what’s abuzz in an area so dear to us, so we asked real-estate expert Jay Phillip Parker, CEO of Douglas Elliman’s Florida brokerage office, to tell us a little about what’s happening and how it ties into Elliman’s mission in the Sunshine State.

“The initiative is consistent across all of our markets, which is ultimately to bring the power of Elliman in the North East to South Florida and to be able to service new clients as well as the ones we currently serve,” tells Parker. “A major point is to embrace technology and use it to enhance the quality of the real estate industry.” One way he’s doing that is through Find Buyers, a proprietary program that has the ability to track visitors within a radius of a subject property. If a home is listed, Douglas Elliman can track not only how many people are viewing it, but where they are viewing from and what types of properties, price ranges, and locations they are looking for.

Another popular Douglas Elliman tool is AskElliman, a platform that gives attentive and expert guidance on real estate–related inquries. One question we had was where the majority of South Florida buyers are coming from today. The answer may surprise you.

“What’s interesting about South Florida is that many buyers are coming from New York,” Parker says. That’s good news for a real-estate company with such a strong New York market share. But part of Elliman’s ethos is that they are not just interested in market share, but in following their customers into the areas they’re seeking to live in or buy second homes in. Parker gives an example: “Rather than say, ‘We think Orlando is interesting’—which we do—we don’t feel that it connects to New York, the Hamptons, et cetera.” Parker has been spending a lot of time in New York meeting with managers throughout the different Elliman locations to capitalize on internal referrals and to find out more about buying behavior. “We need to make sure that people in our markets and South Florida not only know who we are, but know we’re here and know we’re committed.”

Committed they are. In fact, Parker is thrilled to be at the forefront of Douglas Elliman’s South Florida initiative. “I’m very excited to be spearheading this mission to bring Elliman into South Florida with the energy, enthusiasm, and commitment that we have in New York.”