Resort 2014: Misha Nonoo

by Alex R. Travers


This season, Bahrain-born fashion designer Misha Nonoo sought out art references for inspiration. But who can blame her? She is, after all, married to the Eton-educated art cognoscente Alexander Gilkes.

The color scheme, inspired by James Turrell neons, was an amalgamation of azure blue and vivid vermillion. There were black-and-white prints on pants, day dresses, and skirts that looked like graphite scribbles by Sol LeWitt. Sometimes, these prints were appliquéd with light-pink clouds, reminiscent of a video game landscape or Cory Arcangel’s “Super Mario Clouds.” While playful, the clouds looked best on a pair of tap shorts. Still, Nonoo’s color palate was top-notch.

With the exception of the Adidas sandals, which I suspect only Mark Zuckerberg could find appealing, the Resort 2014 collection had a sexy, laid-back feel. I liked looking through her sheer organza windows, whether cut in lightweight sweaters or skirts with knee-length hemlines. My favorite look in the collection was a honeydew dress with a lace bodice and silk faille bottom that could easily transition from day to night. A simple A-line dress in orange was also quite flattering. All of the trousers, except for a pair of cigarette pants, were high-waisted and slouchy—the more attractive ones were made of silk charmeuse. The silhouettes of the evening looks were perfectly fine, but lacked the clever details included in the rest of the collection.