Ringing in 2013 With Waterford Crystal

by Alex R. Travers

There’s no way you won’t be captivated by Waterford Crystal’s New Years Eve Ball. Its presence is elating—288 individual sparkling Waterford Crystal triangles join together to form a pattern of a dove (this year’s theme is “Let There Be Peace”) surrounded by a burst of sunlight. The triangles, each about 3/8” thick, 4.75” to 5.75” in length, and 6.8 ounces in weight, are custom-designed by Waterford artisans and built to exacting standards to withstand the stresses of high winds, precipitation and temperature fluctuation that exist 470 feet above Times Square. It’s a towering achievement.

On December 27, I headed over to One Times Square for an up-close look at this shimmering work of art. Whether it glowed in red, green, or purple, its orb-like body, sitting 24 floors above Times Square, was spellbinding. It seemed in perfect harmony with its surrounding bright nature.

In a touching tribute to longtime New Year’s Eve host Dick Clark, his wife, Kari Clark, was on hand to receive a specially engraved “Dick Clark” Waterford Crystal triangle, which was installed onto the Ball for this year’s celebration. Ryan Seacrest will host the festivities in Times Square this year and the Ball dropping ceremony can be watched on TV channels and the Internet worldwide.

“Let there be peace” and a happy 2013 to all!