Roaring Twenties: Fashion

After the Spanish flu came the Roaring Twenties. World War 1 had ended, women were getting to vote for the first time, and people wanted to get dressed up, go out, and live life to the fullest. The Jazz Age ensued, and with it came sequins, flapper dresses, and a general looseness to the fit and feel of all clothing as everyone danced and shimmied through the 1920s. Will glamour return with the hopeful close of this pandemic or is athleisure here to stay as people hit the road traveling… Both? The sisters-in-law who co-founded eponymous fashion brand Veronica Beard have kept things moving during Covid—with stylish activewear that can easily transition from home back into the office—and beyond. We asked them to share a few of their thoughts on the future of fashion 

Will people embrace athleisure and continue that trend well into the 20s as they travel and head back to work?

Yes, but updated. We show sweatpants in prints, for example, and styled with heels. Her life may have changed but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to look good and feel good!

Veronica Miele Beard & Veronica Swanson Beard (Co-Founders, Veronica Beard)

Or will the hopeful end of the pandemic see people who have been craving glamour getting dressed up again—donning sequins and evening inspired attire—or both?

We believe women will want to get dressed up again. We have been wearing heels and dresses to the office and can’t wait for the glamour to come back. We have an allover sequin dress for fall!

Fashion of all forms seems much more accepted these days—how will fashion be the same/different as we step into the current 20s? Or to put things more simply, what trends to you see forming as we step into September?

For us, it is always about a classic jacket with jeans and a T-shirt—and really high heels.

Who do you think will be wearing sequin dresses in the fall and where will they be wearing them? Dinner parties at home? Private events? Galas? 

All of the above!