Roaring Twenties: Nightlife

History has not been without its ups and downs. In the last hundred or so years, the world has seen two world wars, the Spanish Flu pandemic, and a host of other tragedies in between. In my lifetime there were no world wars, no global pandemics that reached the U.S. shores, and the many tragedies that did occur around the world were just news stories to many of us. That was until early 2020 when things started to unravel with the outbreak of COVID-19. 

COVID-19 seems to have touched everyone. It was a pretty mixed bag of who got dealt what hand, but everyone was dealt something. We saw many lose their jobs, some lose loved ones, and small group see their fortunes grow as a result, but one thing that everyone faced was that we all had to quarantine. And while some had a more favorable quarantine than others, we all had to miss seeing friends and loved ones for what seems like an eternity.

The Cotton Club in Harlem (Harlem News)

Now, more than a year later, many are still quarantining and playing it safe. But at least now, I think it’s safe to say we all see some light at the end of the tunnel and each day that light seems to get brighter and brighter. People are ready. Ready to hug friends, ready to get back to their office and see coworkers in person, and, of course, they are ready to PARTY!

No place is more ready to get back to life and party it up than New York City, which, as we all know, was hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. New Yorkers are now more ready than anyone to get back into party mode, by which I mean doing the things they once did for fun. Whether it was boozy brunches with friends, seeing their favorite bands at Madison Square Garden, going out to big dinners at their favorite restaurants or, my favorite, dancing at nightclubs until 4 a.m. Whatever it is that people are into, they will come roaring back like we did in the Roaring ’20s, only this time… alcohol is legal. 

Yes, the Roaring ’20s… It was a time after both the Spanish Flu of 1918 and the end of the Great War, now known as WWI. People had a new appreciation for life and the finer things that were put on hold for so many for what seemed like an eternity. In this new “Roaring ’20s” that many think is on the horizon, we will see it all. Those who made new fortunes, buying big bottles at night clubs and old money cringing at their name appearing in the gossip columns after a hard scandalous night of partying, perhaps too hard one night. Or the young adults who just turned 21 last year and didn’t get the chance to take advantage of it and see their favorite world renowned DJ at a club they are just now allowed to enter. No matter what you fancy, you’ll hopefully be able to get back to it sooner than later. 

TAO Downtown (Courtesy of Tao Group Hospitality)