Rolling Through the Breeze

What began in the 1950s as a military invention of ingenuity and portability, became the icon of breezy style for decades to come. The classic British vehicle known as the Moke instantly became a celebrity favorite soon after its inception, particularly in vacation hotspots such as St. Barths. Recently, the Moke has been reborn in America in a whole new form. Moke America’s new electric “eMoke” is not only more affordable and better for the environment than its predecessor, but it also boasts exciting new features like extended legroom and trunk space, a modern sound system, and a top-notch lithium battery. Below I interviewed Todd Rome, the mastermind behind these sexy new wheels that are poised to take America by storm—from Hawaii to the Hamptons.

Q: Tell me about your background.
A: I discovered my love of cars, airplanes, and travel very early in life. This love laid the foundation for my career as a travel entrepreneur. In 2000, I founded Blue Star Jets, where I was the president until 2016. Now, I am the chief executive officer of Moke America, the company responsible for bringing the electric version of the Moke to the United States.

Q: What trends are you seeing in the automobile industry?
A: We see growth in electric cars in Europe coming to America. There is a lot of interest in electric cars, and when gas prices start moving back up, there will most certainly be an increase in demand for electric models. Europe is actively moving more towards electric cars, with the trend presenting itself strongly at the Paris Motor Show last year, and with countries like the Netherlands aiming to be completely electric by 2025. We think the American market is sure to follow suit—the electric market is only in the first inning!

Q: Why did you bring Moke to America?
A: The classic Moke has been loved by well-heeled travelers the world over, including America. So, we wanted to bring it up to American standards and make it available here. We made our eMoke electric car using many American parts and we do the final assembly here in America. The car starts at $15,975 and it plugs into a standard, three-prong 110-volt. Our cars get 40 miles on a single charge—that costs less than pennies per day, plus it’s much better for the environment.

Q: What do you see as the target markets for Moke? Summer destinations like the Hamptons?
A: Our target market is all warm-weather climates and vacation spots—the eMoke is the perfect beach car!

Q: What are some of the styles and colors available, and where are you located?
A: We have nine color options and three roof color options available: black, white, red, orange, yellow, blue, green, pink, and camouflage. The roof can be black, white, or tan. Our corporate office is based out of New York City.

Q: When can I buy a Moke?!
A: You can purchase your own custom eMoke on! They can also be reserved and custom-built through any of our dealers in all major cities. Locally, we are at Manhattan Motors, and Aventura Motors in the Hamptons.