Ruinart Debuts 1764 Spice Blend


Ruinart Champagne recently launched Ruinart 1764, a unique spice blend that celebrates and complements the world’s first rosé Champagne dating back to 1764, Ruinart Rosé. Created by Ruinart winemaker Frédéric Panaoitis and renowned spice expert Lior Lev Sercarz of La Boîte, the Ruinart 1764 spice set is designed to allow chefs and home cooks to elevate everyday dishes to enhance the fresh and aromatic elements of Ruinart Rosé.

Inspired by the exotic notes expressed in Ruinart Rosé, Ruinart 1764 features fruity and acidic tones of sumac combined with the light sweetness of licorice and hints of cubeb berries, which add touches of grapefruit and pine for balance. The blend offers complex yet delicate flavors to transform dishes such as poultry, lamb, vegetables and fruit, all of which pair elegantly with Ruinart Rosé.

With a limited offering of only 100 units, the Ruinart 1764 spice set contains a custom designed collector’s wooden box, signed by both Panaoitis and Lev Sercarz. Inside the limited-edition wooden box is the Ruinart 1764 blend, a wooden serving spoon, and a recipe card with Panaoitis and Lev Sercarz’s favorite pairings, including a savory lamb recipe developed by Lev Sercarz, a classically trained chef. As of today, the Ruinart 1764 spice set will be sold alongside a bottle of Ruinart’s beloved rosé at $99.99 in select states and on