Scotto Ladies Honored at the 20th Anniversary of American Cancer Society’s Mothers of the Year Luncheon

Press Photo Scotto Ladies!

QUEST: Tell us about your involvement with ACS. When did it start? How has it changed?

ROSANNA: I have been involved with it over the years. Now that I am older and see some of my friends battling cancer, I realize how important ACS is in their lives. The research and support it gives to patients is invaluable.

MARION: My mom died of Leukemia in 1958 when she was 49 years old. She was in the hospital for months. I was 9 months pregnant with my first child and I was devastated when she died. I was an only child and had to face parenthood without her guidance; that was difficult. Seven years ago, my best friend Caryl Palin battled and died of lung cancer. Today Caryl’s family has organized “The Caryl Palin Lung Cancer Research Foundation” that I am involved in.

QUEST: Evelyn Lauder was committed to ACS. How has she inspired you, at ACS and beyond?

ROSANNA: I met Evelyn when she appeared on my show, Good Day NY. She and Elizabeth Hurley would come to talk about how important it is for women to slow down and take care of themselves. Evelyn knew that as mothers we tend to put others first, sometimes doing it at the expense of ourselves. Women need to take the time and get checked regularly.

MARION: Evelyn Lauder and I were friends. She was a strong woman living with a terrible disease. She inspired women everywhere. She was much loved and respected.

QUEST: How is Fresco by Scotto involved with this event/organization (and others)?

ROSANNA: This is the first time that Fresco has focused attention on ACS as a family. It is wonderful that our children our getting involved too. Over the years, we have been involved with the Food Bank of NY, Heartshare Human Services, Lung Cancer research foundation, and City Meals on Wheels.

MARION: This event has brought my family together to support “The Caryl Palin Lung Cancer Research Foundation” and “The American Cancer Society”.

QUEST: Tell us about the award (congratulations). What does it mean to you?

ROSANNA: ACS gives us hope. So many people rely on this organization to help them battle through their health scare. We are thrilled to support an organization that saves lives.

MARION: I am proud to share this award with my daughters and my granddaughters! This is important to me because they will continue to support this wonderful organization.

QUEST: Tell us about the event, and its focus on mothers. Why is this important to ACS?

ROSANNA: Mothers are the caregivers who tend to put everyone else first. This event refocuses Moms on their own self care. We are happy to participate in an event that raises that awareness. As Evelyn Lauder said, “There is physical evidence of the body’s response to doing good. Endorphins are released in the brain when you do something for someone else. Doing good really feels good.” We hope that adding our voices to ACS will do good for the women in our community.

MARION: This event makes women aware of the importance of screening and self-examination.